What You Need To Know About “Pegasus” WhatsApp Spyware

Yet another privacy breach. Pegasus is a spyware created by the Isareli – NSO Group.

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in several countries across the world. With millions of users exchanging messages each day, WhatsApp is one of the biggest targets for hackers to breach. It has now come to light that the Israeli spyware “Pegasus” was to breach the phones of several journalists and human rights activists in India. And now #WhatsAppSpywareRow is trending on Twitter in the country.

What’s disturbing is that the spyware infected over 1000 individuals’ phones and gave the controllers/hackers access to the entire contents of the victims’ phones. The Israeli company behind the spyware “Pegasus” — NSO Group, have claimed that Pegasus was only distributed to vetted government agencies.

Shedding further light on the matter, a few sources claim that the group charges $650,000 to hack 10 devices. And the installation fee costs another $500,000. Thus making the spyware a lot less accessible to other parties looking to gain access to individuals’ smartphones.

Moreover, Pegasus isn’t just designed to breach WhatsApp, the spyware can compromise data in other apps as well such as Telegram, Skype, Viber, Photo Gallery, and more. It could even use the microphone on the victim’s device to transmit audio.

Given the number of data breaches occurring these days, we aren’t surprised by the news of the WhatsApp spyware. The best suggestion would be to browse the web safely and only visit sites with a padlock icon in the address field. Do not download apps from untrusted services.

There’s not much else you could do to protect your privacy online. The only way to be completely secure online is to not be online at all.


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