Here’s How to Plan a Trip With Google Trips

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Google launched the Google Trips app about two years ago to help to make it easier for people to plan out their trips. The Google Trips app offers several useful features for travelers to find out all the required information about the place they are planning to visit. The Google Trips app has a very intuitive and minimal UI. Most of the information is presented in cards similar to the Google Now feed.

If you’ve been trying to plan a trip with your friends or family or you want to treat yourself to a solo traveling trip, the Google Trips app could save you the hassle of spending hours trying to figure out where to go and what to do.

The app is also expected to receive an update with new features to help you check flight prices as well, however, let’s take a look at how to use the Google Trips app to plan a trip and what the app has to offer currently.

Things to do at the travel destination

Google Trips destination

When you load up the Google Trips app you would be able to see a list of the places you’ve previously traveled to (should be stored in your Google Account). You would be able to see a bar on the top ‘Where do you want to go‘, tap the field and then enter the destination you’d like to travel to.

Once you have entered the place you’d like to visit you’ll be able to see several ‘cards’, Reservations, Things to do, Saved places, Day plans, Discounts, Food & Drink, Getting around, Need to know.

Tap the ‘Things to do‘ card, this would show you all the activities or places to visit while your visit to the place. There are several tabs that sort out all the places and things to do in separate categories or you could just swipe all the way over to ‘Places A-Z‘ page and view all the places in a scrollable list.

Each place on the list also has user ratings and reviews to help you choose with better knowledge about the place. You can also save the places you’d like to visit by tapping the ‘save icon‘ located at the right for each spot.

Planning out your days

Google Trips planning

Once you’ve picked out the places you’d like to visit you can now plan out the things you would like to do each day. This would make the traveling experience less hectic as you would have everything organized and planned out for each day of the trip.

To do this simply tap the ‘Day plans‘ card, you would see suggestions by Google. The suggestions are really beneficial and you could follow the suggested places and have a great time without worrying about where and when to go a place as the suggested places are already marked on the map and the opening and closing time for the places would be mentioned already.

You also have the ability to create your own day plans as well by selecting the places you’d like to visit on the map which you could find by tapping the + icon while in the Day plans menu.

Picking places to Eat and Drink

No trip ever goes well without us tasting the best food the place has to offer, hence the Google Trips app shows you the top-rated spots to have a meal or grab a drink from.

The Food and Drink spots are sorted in categories to make it easier for you to decide where you’d like to eat. Few of the categories include Family-Friendly, High-end dining, On a budget. The app also offers you information about the restaurant or outlet by providing directions to the place or by providing you with the restaurants’ phone number to call and book a table.

Checking out the Discounts

Google Trips discount

Now, who doesn’t like saving a few bucks, the Google Trips app helps you by providing exactly that, it shows you the discounts available at the travel destination.

From discounts on Airport transfers to discounts of Tours and Activities the Google Trips app has got you covered. Just tap the ‘Discounts‘ card to view all the discounts offered currently.

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Ways for moving about: Transportation

Google Trips shows you all the available transportation methods available at the location. The app provides you with useful information to help you go around places such as the prices of cabs or the price for public transport such as trains or the subway.

This makes it really easy to decide the means of transport you would use while traveling around the city or country.

Information about the travel destination

The app also shows you important information about your travel destination which could be helpful in case of emergencies or just to provide you with information about the local shopping centers or markets. Information about emergency service numbers, doctors, pharmacies are also provided in the Google Trips app. You could also find information about the local currency within the app.

The app also provides you with information on the availability of the Internet at certain locations to help you stay connected with friends and family and share your vacation pictures on your social media accounts. We hope you found this guide to use the Google Trips app useful, we wish you a safe and happy journey to wherever you choose to travel to.


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